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Tor Browser 4.5.3

Image Tor Browser 4.5.3
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    Proyecto Tor

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    Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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    September 27, 2019

  • "An anonymous and free web browser"

Thanks to Tor Browser anonymity when surfing the net does not present any of its classic disadvantages when transferring the operation of Tor directly to the fox's navigator. Mozilla Firefox is the one chosen to give you the possibility to anonymously navigate through an infinity of contents, as well as to download them freely.

Censorship, restrictions and prohibitions are circumvented by Tor Browser by providing unlimited navigation regardless of the country from which you connect and regardless of the type of content you want to enjoy, as they all become accessible without the connection being properly encrypted.

A key aspect that has led it to be the most highly valued anonymous browser is that the speed is practically not reduced, although when various variables that modify it come into play it is possible that on certain specific occasions you may notice a slight decrease. Even so, speed is still evident when accessing any content without anyone knowing that you have done so, allowing you to increase even more privacy by installing a series of add-ons. You define the degree of security that Tor Browser will apply to all connections made.